Spirituality in the Context of Globalisation

The second meeting of the European SPES Forum was held in 21-22 October, 2005 in Leuven, Belgium. The theme of the meeting was « Spirituality in the Context of Globalisation » Participants discussed the role of spirituality in the process of socio-economic globalisation.  Is it a motivational factor of resistance to globalism, as seems to be the case in the anti or alternative globalist movements? Or does spirituality, as a desire for universal brotherhood,  sustain the drive towards cosmopolitism, universal values, open communication and market systems? They reflected on the globalisation of religion itself. Does it lead towards a clash of competitive religious claims and attitudes? Or are we growing towards a new type of world spirituality? What could be the form, practice and function of this world spirituality? Presentations included "Spirituality and cultural resistance to globalism" (Thierry Verhelst, Brussels),  "Globalisation … a marvellous excuse for many things" (Josep F. Maria I Serrano and Xavier Melloni, ESADE, Barcelona), "Spirituality in global business" (Mike Thompson, The Good Brand Works, London and Marcello Palazzi, Spirit in Business, Utrecht), "Religion and the origin of culture: The controversial vision of René Girard" (Toon Vandevelde, Leuven and  Gonzales d’Alcantara, Antwerp) and  "The search for a World spirituality" (Lorna Gold, Dublin, David Peat, Pari Center, Italy and Diana Schumacher, U.K.)