V. Adinarayanan


V Adinarayanan is a tapasvi and visionary teacher working towards societal well-being. He is the co-founder of Anaadi foundation, a non-profit socio-spiritual organization in India that focuses on culture, well-being, education and sustainability. Adinarayanan has an MS in Computer Engineering from North Carolina State University and was with the Software Industry before moving into academics. With a decade of teaching and research experience at Amrita University, he brings in multidimensional perspective and immersive experience in all the programs. Through his talks and workshops, he inspires youth to lead a self-reliant, socially-conscious and sustainable life. 

Adinarayanan has been into yogic practices since his childhood. As a means of first-person research into consciousness and for the well being of all, he has spent more than 100 days in Mouna Tapasya(silent intense meditation). He also conducts credit courses and invited lectures in universities. His workshops and talks have earlier been offered at Gran Sasso Science Institute - Italy, L'Aquila University - Italy, TEDx Coimbatore, IIT Delhi-India, Banasthali University- India. Through Anaadi foundation he offers a plethora of programs for the young like Children Leadership Awakening, Vikasa- Annual Indic Leadership Retreat, Indic Sciences seminars and frequent Himalayan trekking expeditions that are meditative and educational. He has reached out to 20,000+ students and learners through programs on Indian Principles of Health & Nutrition, Indian Models of Leadership & Strategy and Indian Sciences. He initiates eager spiritual seekers into silence and other advanced yogic processes. Once a linux hacker, he now teaches hacking (enriching) life the yogic way. Adinarayanan and Smrithi Adinarayanan have authored a book chapter in Integral Ecology and Sustainable Business, Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development, Volume 26.