In Memoriam Frank Delmartino

It was a shock to hear that Frank Delmartino, Jean Monnet professor of European Institutions and policies at KU Leuven and fellow of the European SPES Institute,  suddenly passed away on June 21, 2015. Frank was a dedicated European who inspired many students and who helped to "co-create Europe" through a lot of international projects and initiatives. He taught at many universities all over the world.  Recently he started a promising Cambridge-Leuven project on ‘Ethical Governance in Europe’ in which some SPES fellows were involved.

Frank was also a deeply spiritual and social person. As John Loughlin (Cambridge), one of his good friends, noticed: he was what we call in English 'a true gentleman'. He was unfailingly kind, gracious and courteous and always ready to see the good in others. Let us continue his legacy as a great Christian, a great European and a great scholar.

Luk Bouckaert (KU Leuven)