Josep M. Lozano

ESADE Business School Barcelona
Steering Committee Member

Josep M. Lozano was awarded a PhD in Philosophy by the University of Barcelona and a degree in Theology by the Theology Faculty of Catalonia. He also holds a degree in Executive Management from ESADE Business School. He is currently Full Professor at the Department of Social Sciences at ESADE and Senior Researcher in CSR at the Institute for Social Innovation. His academic and professional activity focuses on the fields of CSR, ethics, leadership, values and spirituality. Josep Lozano has published many articles on these issues and he is a frequent newspaper contributor.

Josep Lozano five major books to date include Danone en Ultzama (recently published) and Ètica i empresa [Ethics and Organizations], which received the Joan Sardà Dexeus Prize in 1998 as the best book on corporate economics published in Catalonia. His books in English include Ethics and Organizations: Understanding Business Ethics as a Learning Process (2001, Springer), Governments and Corporate Social Responsibility: Public Policies Beyond Regulation and Voluntary Compliance (2008, Palgrave Macmillan) The Relational Company: Responsibility, Sustainability, Citizenship (2009, Peter Lang, Oxford).

Lozano is Director of the Observatory on Ethical, Ecological and Social Funds in Spain, which has so far published four annual reports (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004; 2005 forthcoming). He is co-founder of Ética, Economía y Dirección (the Spanish branch of the European Business Ethics Network); member of the editorial board of the journal Ethical Perspectives, and a member of the boards of trustees and advisory councils of various foundations and associations. Josep M. Lozano was the ESADE representative in the consortium of European universities that created the European Academy for Business in Society (EABiS). He was member of the Catalan Government’s Commission on Values, and of the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs’ Commission of Experts on Corporate and Social Responsibility. Prof. Lozano was the highly commended runner-up for the Faculty Pioneer Award (2003), held by EABiS and Aspen Institute.