Integrating Simplification: The Rise of Integrative Self-Managed Enterprises

Sharda Nandram (European SPES Steering Committee member) organized a conference entitled "Integrating Simplification: The Rise of Integrative Self-Managed Enterprises" in 20-21 February, 2017 at BANASTHALI UNIVERSITY, RAJASTHAN in India.

Integrating Simplification Theory talks about a dynamic approach for organizing and entrepreneurial thinking. It is a process of engaging in simplicity and refraining from complexity to avoid organization disintegration. Disintegration can be of any kind of wastage of resources or time (artha), misalignment between personal and organizational motives (kama) and values (dharma).  Here, it is an approach to enhance entrepreneurial creativity and Self-Management as part of the Integrative Self-Managed Paradigm.  The uniqueness in this paradigm lies in its treatment of various fundamental dichotomies like matter and spirit, material and spiritual, for-social and for-profit, automation or not-automation of processes, cooperation and competition, peace and war at work, mindful or mindless activities. Additionally, this approach has a clear apriori intention to be integrative even when it's bringing up the suppressed voices through critique. This translates into a clear perspective on futurology in worldview of this approach.

Every culture has lot of cultural artefacts that embodies the elements mentioned in the themes of this conference. Therefore, contributions are welcome to bring wisdom from paradigms of traditional  ways of management including Bharatiya Prabandhan (Indian Management).


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