Social Responsibility, Entrepreneurship and the Common Good

What motivated us to put together this collection of essays on social responsibility, entrepreneurship and the common good? Why is it important to confront these three themes? Because we feel, along with many others, that the time for reinventing business has come; and this implies thinking differently, jumping across the comfortable barriers of management sub-disciplines, seeking the intersections between areas that usually do not communicate. The ongoing evolution of international events seems to confirm this feeling. Besides, although economic growth continues at a rapid pace in other parts of the world – such as China, India or Brazil – it is likely that the effects of the financial crisis, which emerged in 2007 and percolated through the global economy, are not completely purged; the specter of a systemic crisis is still hovering over us. As staple foods become scarce the risk of a new food crisis is now looming in a number of poor or developing countries. Hunger riots appeared in 2008, might they emerge again? Because of this responsible agribusiness entrepreneurs may show a concern for the common good.

Carole Bonanni, Francois Lépineux and Julia Roloff