Managing VUCA through Integrative Self-Management

The book edited by Sharda Nandram and Puneet K. Bindlishis is written in response to the call towards a better world by focusing on an integrative worldview, manifested in a new way of organizing ‘Integrative Self-Management’. This publication is intended to inspire the researchers and academics to creatively integrate their perspectives on issues and solutions at fundamental levels. The book has 21 chapters with the following authors across the globe: Nicoletta Acatrinei (Switzerland), Anindo Bhattacharjee (India), Luk Bouckaert (Belgium), Alain Guiette (Belgium), Elisabeth Hense (Netherlands), Maria Humphries (New Zealand), Veenus Jain (India), Nazarina Jamil, (New Zealand), Ankur Joshi (India), Wendelin Küpers (Germany), Gyöngyi Major (Hungary), Alka Maurya (India), Michal Michalski (Poland), Girish Momaya (Netherlands), Hendrik Opdebeeck (Belgium), Bronwen Rees (United Kingdom), Shankar Sankaran (Australia), Gita Sankaran (Australia), Gurinder Singh (India), Sandeep Singh (India), Pawan Kumar Singh (India), Koen Vanderbempt (Belgium), Arnold Smit (South Africa), and Doirean Wilson (United Kingdom).

Sharda S. Nandram & Puneet K. Bindlish
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