Imagine Europe. The Search for European Identity and Spirituality

Authors of the book share the idea of Europe as a space of unity-in-diversity based on relations of reciprocity and fraternity. They see it as Europe’s mission to enlarge its post-war idea of peace and integration into a global action. Even though the European Union started in the sphere of economics, it was from the beginning more than economics. Therefore this cahier calls for a stronger sense of spiritual commitment and moral imagination in Europe.

It refers to a new generation of business leaders inspired by the paradigm of spirit-centered entrepreneurship. Content The search for European identity - Europe and the Idea of a Civil Economy (Stefano Zamagni) - Rosmini’s Socio-economic Personalism and the Soul of Europe (Carlos Hoevel) - A New Spirit of Europe (Edy Korthals Altes) - Contemporary Europeans’ Sense of Belonging (Rafal Riedel) - An Imaginable Europe (Jochanan Eynikel) Spirituality in European business - Doing Business Ethics in Europe (Luk Bouckaert) - The Spirit-driven Organization (Gerrit Broekstra) - Beyond the Spiritual: the Common Good Model of CSR (Yuliya Shcherbinina and Helen Alford) - Light from India. Europe’s Search for Indian Economic Wisdom (Gerrit De Vylder) - Spirituality as Connectivity: a new business experience (Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli)

Luk Bouckaert and Johanan Eynikel