S. Prakash Sethi

Baruch College, City University of New York
Advisory Board Member

S. Prakash Sethi is University Distinguished Professor of Management at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, The City University of New York.  He has previously held tenured positions at the University of California – Berkeley, and, University of Texas – Dallas.  Over the years, he has also held visiting appointments at various universities including the most recent one as Forrest Mars, Sr. Visiting Professor of Ethics, Politics and Economics at Yale University, New Haven, Ct. 2009-2014.

He holds a Masters degree in Economics from Delhi University, India, and MBA and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University, New York.  He has previously held professorial rank tenured positions at the University of California, Berkeley, and University of Texas – Dallas.

Dr. Sethi enjoys international recognition as a pre-eminent researcher and scholar in the areas of Corporate Strategy, international business, globalization and sustainable business, economic development, environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and accountability, ethical norms of business conduct, human rights, protection, and international codes of conduct. Sethi has done pioneering work in creating and implementing international corporate codes of conduct and global supply-chain management.   He has published 25 books and over 130 articles in professional and academic journals.  Over the past 15+ years,  he has done extensive field work monitoring factories for sustainable business practices, human rights and environmental protection in developing countries around the world.  In particular, his extensive field work in China was profiled in a lengthy article in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, December 23, 2007.

He has variously testified before U.S. Congress and Senate committees on issues related to corporate social conduct. In addition, to scholarly publications, he has frequently writing for general purpose news media and appeared on national and international radio and television news programs.