Paul De Blot, SJ

Nyenrode Business University, The Netherlands

Paul de Blot was  born in Indonesia in 1924. He joined the Allied Forces during World War II and was imprisoned for 5 years. In 1948 he became Jesuit and completed his studies in Indonesia in Indonesian and Javanese language, Eastern cultures, philosophy,  politology, physics;  and in theology, psychology, philosophy of science and culture, spirituality and business administration in the Netherlands. His philosophy licentiate  was about the Eudaimonia of Plato. His PhD  was about organizational innovation in  a chaotic environment by innovation of men. His work experience include: In Indonesia chemist in the sugar industry  and supervisor of textile and ceramic  industry; teaching  primary school and high school, teaching theology at the State University in Yogyakarta, philosophy, teaching politology, ecological technology and medical ethics at the Navy Academy. In 2006 he became professor in Business Spirituality at the  Business University Nyenrode. In 2010 he got the title "professor honoris causa" there. He is editor of Business Spirituality Magazine.