Paola Di Maio

Palpung Sherabling Institute of Higher Buddhist Studies, India

Dr Paola Di Maio is a multilingual Socio Technical Systems Engineer, specializing in Informatics with emphasis on ethics, sustainability and collective awareness. Born in Italy, she studied and worked internationally, and holds graduate and postgraduate academic awards from UK Universities. During her studies she worked as bookstore manager, then as London based science and technology correspondent, and User Experience designer. She has been published in major publications such as the Financial Times, served as editor and publisher in online editorial startup ventures, and later as research analyst and author in business intelligence and current affairs (Cutter Consortium). She spent over 10 years in Asia, where she worked as a lecturer and visiting faculty. She is a resident scholar at the Palpung Sherabling Institute in northern India, where she integrates advanced knowledge systems from various cultural traditions, such as Dzogchen and Mahamudra.