Natasha Gjorevska

Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

Natasha Gjorevska is a PhD student, lecturer and a research scholar at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Department of Organizational Behavior. Her PhD research is targeted at spiritual leadership and organizations. Her focus is on purpose-driven businesses, meaningful work, and workplace spirituality, and her main interest is in transcendental motivation for doing work that has benefit for others. She is interested to see how alternative organizational forms, such as social entrepreneurship or hybrid organizations, contribute to the improvement of the individual, organizational, and societal well-being.

Currently, Natasha is involved with several research projects, one of which focuses on social innovations for developing sustainable and inclusive society. Furthermore, Natasha teaches several courses at Corvinus University of Budapest such as Management and Organization, International Human Resources Management, and Organizational Behaviour. Natasha is a yoga practitioner and stands for veganism as a moral philosophy, as she believes in compassion for all of life, human and non-human. In her lectures, Natasha includes topics such as spirituality, mindfulness, healthy food choices, etc. as part of her desire for contributing towards creating responsible organizations with a social purpose, through inspiring her students to do good in the world. Ultimately, she hopes to contribute to the shift towards mindfulness and compassion in business, and in everyday life.

Originally from Macedonia, Natasha is fully proficient in Macedonian, she is also proficient in English, Serbian, and Croatian, to a lesser extent in German and Italian, and beginner in Hungarian.