Iele Steen

Thriving Business Community, Belgium

Graduating with a Masters’ degree in Law, Iele began her career practicing in London.  Her move to Mexico and Singapore led her to the position of a University Trainee in an international bank, and it was there that her desire to make business finance understandable and useful for all truly began. Further exploration with “The power of Learning” (Klas Mellander) and experience of using educational gaming and business simulations, supported her creation of BalInCa™, a board game that reveals the story behind the figures to financial and non-financial professionals alike. 

Because a holistic view of the business and profound understanding of your financial impact is not enough to really be motivated to change your attitude towards solving problems creatively and communicating in an authentic way, she co-created greytogreen. The greytogreen process supports an attitude change towards self-leadership and mental agility. greytogreen creates a common language for team discussions and enables us to approach situations in a different and more constructive way. It is not just another method, it’s a whole new way to approach challenging situations. greytogreen boosts employee engagement, creativity and productivity.

Iele’s ‘North Star’ is to make the world of work a better place, where everyone takes ownership and contributes to the sustainability of the company, to the financial and social health of the company. To evolve from a “company” into a "Thriving Business Community”. Iele's depth of expertise, invigorating delivery style and ability to speak English, Dutch, French or German, has led her to be widely recognized as a world-class and sought-after facilitator."