Eelco van den Dool

Ede Christian University for Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

E.C. (Eelco) van den Dool studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and currently works at the Ede Christian University for Applied Sciences in The  Netherlands. He is an associate researcher and a lecturer at the Department of Business Studies. Eelco initiated the research (PhD) project ‘Capturing Spiritual Dynamics in Social Innovation’ in which the following issued are addressed: What is the place of spirituality in an integral approach to organisations? E.g.: (how) does spirituality distinguish itself from business ethics and organisational behaviour/psychology? (How) can old and new spiritual traditions be given a place in today’s organisational and professional contexts? Can methods be developed that enhance comprehensive, methodical and intentional spiritual development of professionals?

In his research Eelco focuses on ‘trailblazers’/frontrunners in the field of corporate social responsibility and the spirituality of Dorothee Soelle’s liberation theology. He has developed a method that allows for disclosing the spiritual dimension of pivotal work-related experiences, weaving those into a work-related spiritual biography and suggesting developmental lines that continue the life-text of professionals. It demonstrates that is possible to capture the spiritual dimension and dynamics of innovative contexts in a methodical way, thus providing a developmental perspective for professionals in these contexts. The research will be expanded to other professional contexts and spiritual traditions.